respect to my friend: Tola Adenle


8 thoughts on “respect to my friend: Tola Adenle

  1. Dear Bro.,

    What a honor to deserve a whole post on a blog that has fed my eyes a whole lot but that has fed my soul even more these past few years! What pleasure (vanity?) to be thought about in the same breath with that beautiful bird!! And what great pleasure would continue to be mine from association with this site that uses photography not only to entertain and educate but to take stands on hot-button political issues that are never in short supply in America!!!

    My utmost regards,

    1. The photo of an emerging Swan from the body (and brown feathers) of her youth to the full beauty that will be hers when the glowing whiteness of her feathers are revealed; a scene that reminded me of myself upon reading your blog for the first time. My ancestral home is Nigeria (according to my sister’s research) and as such I find your post illuminating regarding both historical and current Nigeria, resurrected (and complimented) my understanding and interest in a most beautiful (it really is) place on this earth and for that I proffer only my thanks and gratitude. Stay Blessed my Sister, stay blessed and always REMAIN you!! – One Beautiful Person –

      1. So you were my real brother when I used the word generically. What a really small world, indeed! Dr. Adenle thinks you must be a Yoruba though I do not want your Sis digging deeper than she has. Suffice to know your roots run deep in Nigeria, a very artsy group in the country.

        Sincere regards,

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