5 comments on “Equiano”

  1. Reblogged this on emotanafricana.com and commented:
    Got a google doodle for his life & work two days ago,
    A real son of Africa, with roots deep in Nigeria,
    272 Years after translation, he lives on.

    Look, Ma, he got a Google Doodle!

    Shackles of every stripe: plunder and corruption by African leaders, especially rulers of Olaudah’s ancestral homeland, economic shackles of neocolonialism … will one day be confined to the dustbin of history.

    Thanks, Bro. for this powerful message.

    • guess I should check out/use Google more often – if ever – Bravo to them as well for their recognition of a true champion of equality and Son of Africa in the highest!

      • Yeah, the folks at Google do a good job of drawing attention to all sorts of subjects on certain anniversaries, including flying the Nigerian flag on October 1. Interesting that a few days later marked the 272nd anniversary of Equiano’s translation, and with this Son of Africa having his roots in the Eastern part of Nigeria, a nice one-two hurray in the month of October for Nigeria and Nigerians!


      • reckon i better call up ancestry.com and check the family tree – jamaicans have to have roots someplace –

      • PS. BTW, I’m in Nigeria right now and therefore use GOOGLE (Nigeria), hence, I guess the recognition. TOLA.

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